Locations for open access, neutral Internet Exchanges

Allied-IX deploys and maintains open access, neutral Internet Exchanges (IXs). Our IXs allow for open peering and local caching of content and applications, resulting in reduced bandwidth, lower cost, and lower latency for all users — a faster, better, more secure Internet.

Sites Currently Being Reviewed

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Real-world initiatives and research

How can an IX benefit my community?

Watch Connected Nation’s 1-minute video explaining what they do and why the work they do matters.


“When to peer and when to use transit”

An empirical study by Interconnection giant, DE-CIX, comparing and quantifying the performance differences between transit and peering interconnection strategies.


“Building, not just bringing, the internet in Iqaluit”

Read Jacques Latour’s article on how an IX is changing the lives of the residents of a remote town in Northern Canada.